Barrel Oil Corp is committed to ensuring timely processing and payment of supplier invoices. To facilitate this, Barrel Oil Corp has put in place an automated invoice approval application. Electronic submission of invoices through this application provides many benefits to our suppliers including:

  • Faster routing of invoices for review and approval within Barrel Oil Corp;
  • Cost reductions in shipping, data entry, invoice storage and scanning;
  • Faster payments; and
  • Improved cash management.


The following information is required when invoicing Barrel Oil Corp:

UWI code (provided on the field ticket by the authorized Barrel representative ordering the work);

AFE number or cost centre, please use one or the other, but not both;

CC format “######” (6 Digits, typically W0000X for well or F0000X for facility)

General ledger account coding (i.e. 9700.52);

First and last name of Barrel representative; and

All back up attachments, including Invoice Document with all Field Tickets, as a PDF document. This backup must be signed by an authorized Barrel representative.

To get started, please sign in using your account to submit all invoices and backup based on the requirements above. If you do not have an account, please reach out to us at

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